Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service Ukiah

Ukiah Vending Machines Vending ServiceCanteen Santa Rosa covers Ukiah and the counties of Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino. We’ve been providing exceptional customer service since 1970, along with the quality name brand products you trust for great taste in every bite or swallow!

We can install vending machines at your Ukiah location free of charge! You pick the products you want, the vending equipment, and we keep them filled and in working order at no charge. Of course you could also select a vending option such as subsidized vending or free vending instead of our traditional vending set up. Your employees would appreciate the gesture of paying some or all of their food and beverage expense! We can also place an Avanti Marketplace in your business, creating your own convenience store with selections that all will enjoy.

Your vending machines in Ukiah can be filled with Coca Cola products or Pepsi Cola products; we have food vending machines, snack vending machines, candy vending machines, coffee vending machines and vending machines with all your favorite healthy snack and beverage alternatives.

Your Ukiah business can stop fooling with the office coffee with coffee services from Canteen Santa Rosa. No more poor selections and running to the store to keep mismatched items in stock. We will keep your break room filled with all the best in coffees and the condiments to go with it such as sweeteners, creamers, cups, filters, napkins, flavored teas, hot chocolate, stir sticks etc! No need to leave the office (a waste of time and $) to get a good cup of coffee to stay focused.

We can take care of your water needs in Ukiah too. We deliver water bottles, and we also install water filtration systems. Either way, you’ll end up with great tasting water to help achieve that great tasting coffee!

Our services save you money! Anytime an employee leaves to go and get food and drinks, they are taking time away from producing the goods or services that keep your business going.  A well supplied break room also provides an important meeting area, helping employees get to know each other, building on team work.

Get you Ukiah business started today by calling (415) 499-0553 in Marin County, (707) 462-5254 in Mendocino County and (707) 546-4544in Sonoma County.

Ukiah Office Coffee Service