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Santa Rosa Vending Machines Vending ServiceAh yes, a successful internet search! You are looking for vending services, coffee services or water delivery for your Santa Rosa business or workplace, and you have found the best! Started in 1970, our focus at Canteen Santa Rosa has always been to offer the absolute best customer service in the industry along with products unequaled in quality. It’s not a line to entice your business; it is our way of doing business.

Vending machines are ever changing, and with the national backing of the Canteen Company, we can offer the latest and greatest in modern and technologically advanced vending machines available. Your Santa Rosa business can get set up with the vending options of your choice free of charge! We have vending machines with Coca Cola products, Pepsi Cola vending machines, coffee vending machines, snack vending machines, candy vending machines, food vending machines and vending machines with healthy snack and beverage alternatives. We service the machines, keep them stocked and do it all at no cost to you.

Santa Rosa businesses can also remove the responsibility and hassle of taking care of the coffee needs in your office. Let us keep the shelves full of coffee, filters, cups, sweeteners, creamers and the like. We have the brands your employees crave! We can also take care of the brewers: single cup brewers, pour over, air pots and the iCup by Starbucks. No need for your employees to take long breaks to go and get a cup of coffee. A great cup of coffee will be had right in your break room!

Canteen Santa Rosa also specializes in the installation of water filtration systems. Good coffee needs good water, and with our system you’ll have an endless supply. We can also deliver those five gallon water bottles for your office coolers.
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Santa Rosa Office Coffee Service