Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service Petaluma

Petaluma Vending Machines Vending ServiceCanteen Santa Rosa offers Petaluma workplaces the following services:

How does your Petaluma business benefit from our services?

The options in vending for your Petaluma location are numerous! Coca Cola vending machines, Pepsi Cola vending machines, snack vending machines, coffee vending machines, candy vending machines, food vending machines, and of course vending machines full of healthy snack and beverage alternatives. You choose what items are supplied at your Petaluma location, and Canteen Santa Rosa keeps your favorite national and local brand items stocked for your refreshment.

Our coffee service will turn your Petaluma break room into a coffee house to be proud of! Kept full of your favorite coffees from Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Douwe Egberts and Highland Estates, you’re employees won’t have to go far at all for great tasting coffee! We will also take care of the filters, cups, napkins, sweeteners, creamers and even the stir sticks that you’ll need.

Water taste a little on the funky side? We can also handle the water needs of your Petaluma business with water bottles or by placing a water filtration system on your existing water source. As with any of our services, you choose what best fits your needs.

Check us out, and see the difference that a business that has been around for over forty years can make in supplying the needs of your business! Click on our “contact us” tab and fill in the required information right now!
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Petaluma Office Coffee Service