Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service Middletown

Middletown Vending Machines Vending ServiceMiddletown-let Canteen Santa Rosa bring the food and beverages to your business that your employees are craving and at no charge to you!

Your Middletown business can get energy efficient vending machines with Coca Cola products, Pepsi Cola products, vending machines with healthy drinks and food items, candy vending machines, coffee vending machines, hot and cold food vending machines and snack vending machines. Vending machines can be set up for traditional vending or as an employee benefit through subsidized vending or even free vending. Canteen Santa Rosa can also set your vending area up with a self check out Avanti Marketplace. You choose what you want for your Middletown business. We set them up, fill them up, and service them with our 24/7 customer service personnel. Finally, a real win-win situation!

Thirsty for some great tasting water? Your Middletown business will have all it can handle when Canteen Santa Rosa installs a water filtration system at your location. Did you know that a lot of bottled water is tap water that has been filtrated? It’s true! Our system will give you an endless amount of great water for your coffee, tea or other beverages. No water bottle storage problems or lifting challenges. We also deliver the traditional 5 gallon water bottles. Your Middletown business’s water needs will be met.

How’s your coffee doing at your Middletown office? Need some help to get better product and save some money? Let Canteen Santa Rosa take over your break room coffee needs. Coffees from Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Douwe Egberts and Highland Estates are available along with hot chocolate and flavored teas. The cups, filters, creamers, sweeteners, napkins, stir sticks, etc that you’ll need fully stocked in your break room for everyone to use and enjoy. You’ll have the best break room coffee in Middletown!

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Middletown Office Coffee Service